Artist Statement
Christine Ilewski


This new work is a juxtaposition of the illness in our society (war, pollution, genetically engineered food, cancer, greed, etc) with the very personal undefined illness of my child. It's one thing to feel empathetic about the ills of the world. It's another to face them in the eyes of the ones you love. The irony of abundant water with endless thirst.

And then there's the hope, the cure in nature, the pond teaming with life and answers, the organic garden, the short memory of it all when the that same child starts to smile again.
Did I get this in these paintings?

I'll let others tell me. I just glued down some pretty scenes of endangered sacred lands, some beads, some of my 10year old's self portraits, some toys, a dragon, a life jacket, a forest; and passionately covered them in paint. They're small because it is a small world after all.

You may click each image for details and a closer look.

Black Hole
Be Pitiful
Sacred Mountain
The G.I.F.T.
Pin Prick
Passing Marbles
Make Lemonade
If Too Hard, Do This
Look Out For Dragons
Spanish Dancers
Trees From the Forest
Bear in the Woods
Storm Cloud